Surely nobody had any idea, at the beginning of 2020, when covid appeared in Europe, how much a pandemic like this would affect the everyday life of people and the process of different industrial and commercial sectors. Neither we at ROCK SAFETY Ltd. naturally had any idea about what kind of tasks, possibilities and mission would bring us- as we are a company who trades personal protective equipment- a pandemic which turns all our images about trade upside down. How could we have as none of us had experienced in our life to subordinate our own and our family life to an invisible enemy, appearance and spread of which demands unbelievable number of human lives, mutilates families of damages to the end the livelihood and existence, built up during years or decades, moreover, does it in the whole world.

Then, at the end of the winter or early spring of 2020 in Europe and in our country, we had to face with the realization that it is a real danger and more frightening than anything we previously experienced. Therefore, based on our special scope of our activities, the pandemic gave us and all the importers -who have same product range- possibility which was imbued with a sense of responsibility we had never seen before.

This possibility was obvious for everyone as there are countless types of products within the personal protective equipment portfolio- like disposable and respirator products- which has become an integral part of epidemic control so they became shortage items in a matter of moments and it was obvious that those who were able to manage the replacement and the availability of the products, mentioned above, would not have any problem with their sale. To be short: purchasing and importing was hard and risky but not finding a customer or selling the products.

The responsibility, coming along with these processes, was not so obvious for everyone but it was quite evident for us from the beginning. It is pronounced that our mission and creed is the protection of the generation of the future through protecting the safety of their family and family members, moreover to ensure their growing up in healthy circumstances with providing the highest quality products and services with the highest added value.

The covid pandemic put the notions ‘intact’ and ‘healthy’ into a different perspective from one minute to another; put the healthy future of the next generations in danger often with attacking the picture of a ‘complete’ family. We had to keep in mind the volunteered responsibility in these hard circumstances. We knew that lives and future of whole families depended on us either directly or indirectly and on the fact if we were able to ensure any equipment needed for putting an end or slowing down the spread of the disease as firs round importers. It was a real test of the expectations of ourselves and the outside world and also the hard test of the fulfilment of our mission and if we were able to grow up to this challenging task.

Despite the pandemic is still far from the end, based on the last calendar year, we can declare without any exaggeration, that we were able to meet all the expectations and challenges, coming either inside or outside and we will not give up the fight. It would be hard to exactly determine the number of people and families we contributed to save their well-being and health with our work but we know that this number is very high. It makes us feel good to be able to do the tasks we got in our appreciated role with maximum efficiency. We know that people at the end of the chain will neither know where the help comes from and nor they will know they would be in much harder situation with the lack of it, yet we are holding on till the end of the pandemic and not giving up our idea to save families even in the hardest time.