An important element of forming the corporate identity of the brand ROCK SAFETY® is to have the names of our products follow a uniform structure, so we decided to continuously change our article numbers.

During creating the new article numbers, we had to take into consideration some important aspects:

  1. ROCK SAFETY® shows continuous improvement even in export markets. This requires having English names in the article numbers of the products which can be memorized easily both abroad and in our own country.
  1. All the elements of the article numbers have to follow the same logical structure in their names, belonging to any group of products (hand protection, footwear, workwear).Solution: FANTASY NAME+TRAIT1+TRAIT2(+TRAIT3…)All the traits are always additional abbreviations which can apply to the family of the product, technical features or combination of colours

E.g.: MASTER-HS-O  – where HS=half shoe and O=orange

  1. On the level of product categories (hand protection, footwear, workwear) the names have to be differentiated well, yet they have to follow a uniform concept.


    • Hand protection – animal names;
    • Footwear – good sounding notions, fantasy names;
    • Workwear – fantasy names reflecting technical features
  1. Within a product category (ex.: hand protection) there are further categories, based on their features, which also have to form unities (Docker’s gloves, driver gloves).


E.g.: hand protection products:

    • Docker’s gloves – carrying capacity – mammals with durable, thick skin: buffalo, yak, bull
    • Driver gloves – speed, agility – predators: panther, leopard, wolf
  1. Different members of the same product family have to be easily identified but also easily differentiated.


E.g.: MASTER footwear line:

    • MASTER-SA-O   – where SA=sandal and O=orange
    • MASTER-HS-O  – where HS=half shoe and O=orange
    • MASTER-AB-O  – where AB=ankle boot and O=orange

We know that such a change requires serious attention and process of education, but we believe that it will pay off in a long distance as

  • the previous article numbers are hard to memorize and they lack of any logic (e.g.: PD8026 —> CROCODILE);
  • it is easier to advertise the products with catchy fantasy names and the end users can learn them fast;
  • it creates unity and creates added value to the brand.


  • The article number changes affect thousands of article elements among hundreds of ROCK SAFETY® products (products which are not distributed under the name of ROCK SAFETY® are not involved).
  • It requires a plenty of background work as, besides the new article numbers along with the refreshment of the corporate identity, the packaging of the products, the logos appear on our products, pictograms, sticked labels, information leaflets or data sheets are also renewed both in content and in formal elements.
  • As we mainly talk about already existing items, there are some products where this process happens quickly while in case of other products it takes more time until the previous stock runs out and new items take their place.
  • To make this transition easier: the old article numbers – that have been memorized for years or decades – do not disappear instantly with the changes. They will be highlighted beside the new article numbers as long as it is needed.
    E.g.: 4515 —> PANTHER: searching for article number ‘4515’ in our webshop, you can also find the well-known product, and landing on the product page the ‘old’ article number also appears beside the new one.

We collected the list of the new article numbers in an organised excel sheet to make it easier for our partners see through or process them.

You can download the file from our webshop, after logging in, through the following link:


Hopefully these changes will gain the satisfaction of the end users and our partners, too. We believe in innovations and our partners even in difficult times.

In case of any further question please contact our colleagues.