AutoCrib industrial vending machines

Industrial and manufacturing companies have been recently focusing more on not just reducing their costs by lowering their purchase prices but by decreasing the usage of indirect materials.

There is a much bigger impact on the repression of the costs, spent on indirect devices which are used during the work process. The USA-made AutoCrib’s industrial vending machines offer efficient, fast, simple and comfortable solutions to achieve this goal. Users will save on spending while increasing efficiency in the supply chain.

Benefits of the AutoCrib’s system:

The tool supply of the employees becomes limitable and controllable easily by Autocrib systems. Thanks for this the quantities can be reduced by at least 25% (hard-cost savings) and the following soft-cost savings can be achieved:

  • Traceability: Every inventory movement becomes traceable, every usage can be retrievable to lowest levels by more than 200 built-in reports,
  • Lack of stock-outs: stock-outs will be impossible, the system warns every stakeholder about the products that drop below the critical stock level,
  • Point-of-use dispense: the useful work-time can be raised, all employees can be served at the location of their workplace,
  • No extra labour: purchasing, receiving, inventory movement can all save on labour,
  • Shorter inventory movements: possibility of mistakes can be reduced because inventory movement time will be shorter, the items go through less hands,
  • 24/7: The AutoCrib vending machines are at everyone’s disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Protective equipment for workers (gloves, safety googles, masks, earplugs, shoe covers, hairnets etc.), other indirect equipment – used during work processes, tools, small machines, innovative industrial systems used for automatized stocking, allocating, controlling and tracking of technical equipment, directly from the USA!

We not only sell, deliver and install it for your company, but we also undertake the filling and maintenance of the machines!

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„We’ve decided for testing the industrial vending machines at our Debrecen plant because of the high quantity of the relatively expensive PPE items that we use mandatory due to our special industry. We’ve expected the optimization of items’ consumption and our resources as well as a more efficient way of the staff’s supply during the working process. The datas of the pilot period convinced us to start an automated supply so that the vending machine has been used continuously by us and became an excellent monitoring and controlling system.”

TEVA Pharmaceutical Works Private Limited Company, ROCK SAFETY® partner

“Our Mission: Your Protection.”

“ROCK SAFETY® is a PPE supplier that offers a wide range of protective equipment for workers to ensure they return home safely to their families. We believe in safety, family and the generations building our future.

Choose a product category:

Hand protection

Hand protection

Docker, welding, driver, knitted, dotted, cut-and-sewn, assembly, cut-resistant, coated and chemical resistant, ESD, winter, disposable, mechanichal gloves

Safety Footwear

Safety Footwear

Working slippers, sandals, boots, high boots, ESD shoes, welding, electrician, heat resistant, winter boots, footwear accessories



Working bibpants, trousers, shorts, vests, jackets, High-visibility garments, chemical resistant, cold-store, welding, winter, summer garments

Other PPE

Other PPE

Helmets, hats and head protectors, safety glasses, ear protectors, respirators, fall protection, other accessories

We are proud of the success of our business partners!

‘ROCK SAFETY® is a well-built brand that sells very well in terms of value for money. We have a reliable, good partnership.’

GYÖRGY MELEG purchase manager, ZEBREK-M Kft.

‘I have been in contact with ROCK SAFETY Ltd. for a long time, a sympathetic, reliable company.’

RENÁTA REBEK store manager, Workwear store

‘Good quality and wide product range, easy ordering, kind and flexible customer service.’

László Varga store manager, Varga Bádogos Store

‘Friendly, helpful staff, excellent value for money, flexible warranty administration. I highly recommend it.’

ENDRE DARÁNYI managing director, Olajsziget Kft.

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