It is widely thought that a conscious brand or corporate identity building is a privilege of those multinational companies who have endless financial resources or who have a budget what is unreachable for small and medium-sized enterprises. It is a misbelief. It is such a mistake like believing that building a corporate identity for small and medium sized enterprises is a miniscule question.

A mission of this magnitude shakes the heart and fills the soul with excitement of a real marketing specialist. When we defined the strategically important corner points at ROCK SAFETY® for the coming years, refreshing the corporate identity, brand building and taking the corporate image of the brand to a new level got a primary role. In the following we will demonstrate what kind of highlighted elements does this process consist of. We will also queue up some terms which are still not treated in the right place.


The corporate identity is a set of different forms of appearance of a company. In an ideal case it is a unified picture the company shows towards its customers and the inquirers who are interested in its brand. However, the big picture consists of many little units, pieces of a puzzle which not only have to stand on their ground themselves, but they also have to fit together.

If any of them does not fit into the row or is absent, the picture will not be whole or uniform.

Forming or changing the corporate identity has to be overtaken by a strategically essential step: you have to clearly work out the concept, what you want to reach and how you want to get there.


When you talk about concept you not only mean you have a good idea how to transform a logo, what colours are used on the package of a product, what kind of graphical solutions are used in an advertisement or how to communicate either on online or offline platforms. These are all the realization and consequences of a uniform concept.

The starting point for a company is to clearly determine itself on the market, where to position its products, services and the brand.

‘We want to sell more products and services; our target is to increase our income as much as possible.’ – it is not a concept itself.

A good product or a high-quality service is essential for a company or a brand at least to stay alive on any kind of market.

What kind of solution can you offer to your customers, how to solve their problem on the best way?’ – ‘What makes you different from your competitors? What are you the best at?’ You have to be able to give answer to these questions, as everything starts from here; you can define your character and place yourself on the market from this point.

ROCK SAFETY Ltd. has a quarter century of experience in the personal protective equipment market, our own brand ROCK SAFETY® is a well-known and preferred brand among our customers. Our company has already become a characteristic participant not only on the domestic, but also with dynamic increase, on the international markets with its flexible customer service, quick logistical solutions and with complain rate under 0,1%. We build trust and personal connections at our company, always the personal contact and the PERSON are in the centre on any channels of the communication.

„ROCK SAFETY® is a PPE supplier that offers a wide range of protective equipment for workers to ensure they return home safely to their families. We believe in safety, family and the generations building our future.


It is not a question that the basis of the process or development of any company is the maximalization of the profit, it is not a question. Those who work in the financial field will surely hit the ceiling, but we have to note that it is an incorrect opinion from marketing point of view, when it is marked as an aim, as in fact it is a consequence. It is the fruit of the uniform concept and strategy when you offer the best solution for the needs of the well-defined target group with a properly positioned brand on the market (analysis of which would deserve an own article).

You, as an individual or private person, can place yourself in the world along your character or values, this is how you are able to process effectively in your environment. You would only hang in the air without it.

Any company or brand must have a mission in a long term. This mission has to be determined on the basis of characteristic precept that permeates the way the whole company works. Let’s think about it! Your workers would prefer to work for a company where the work goes along on clearly determined values, where there is a mission concept what they can stand behind. You are rowing in the same boat; you have to pull towards the same direction. And let’s not forget about the fact that how an authentic mission builds the trust to our brand in our customers and partners.

Be careful! It is not about empty slogans or shooting blank cartridges, you have to fill it with real content.

We at ROCK SAFETY® believe that we give not only high-quality work gloves, shoes, workwear, but also PROECTION, directly to the worker, indirectly to the whole family.”

Our Mission: Your Protection.


The definition of corporate identity and corporate image are often mixed up, despite there is a sharp difference between them. We form the corporate identity directly; it is the appearance of the company or the brand. However, the corporate image is the inner opinion, the inner picture that gets in shape in the head of the customer about us when sees the name of our company. The corporate identity has an effect on them, but there are numerous other things, that influence them. You can count here any perception made by the customer, or anything what the client sees, hears or experiences with regard the company even through a third person.

Time factor is also important. You can form the corporate identity of a company relatively quickly, while forming the corporate image takes much longer time. It is quite hard to reach the desired corporate image or the trust, in the head of your partners and you have to take care for it as you would tread on eggshells, because you can destroy it as quickly and easily as hard it is to be built up.

But you can earn such strong emotional bonding or appreciation for your company that is one of the greatest values of a firm if you do your job well.